Foster presents at advising conference

Sonja Foster presented at the Illinois Academic Advising Association’s Academic and Career Advising Drive-In Conference at EIU on September 12, 2014. The title of her presentation was “Surviving the Slump” and the focus was to educate advisors on how they could utilize components of the Family Stress Theory to help students handle the various stressors that often cause The Slump.


Resa Ware, FCS Graduate Student, Elected to National Office

Resa Ware was elected recently as a Student Representative of the Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society Board of Directors. Resa will begin her 3-year term on January 1, 2015. Representing more than 100 campus chapters throughout the United States and more than 140,000 members worldwide, Resa will contribute to national governance of the organization. Resa is a graduate student in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences. For the past year, Resa served as the president of Eastern Illinois University’s local chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences.

The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is empowered leaders in scholarship, research, and leadership. This mission will enhance the ability of the organization and chapters to prepare scholars and researchers as leaders for the 21st century. Eligibility criteria for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals include exemplary study and practice related to any of the specialty areas representing the human sciences.

New FCS core!

Here is an example of a word cloud (see post about new FCS core)

Here is an example of a word cloud (see post about new FCS core)

The new FCS core courses are up and running! August 2014 saw the first offering of FCS 2500, Foundational Focus of Family & Consumer Sciences. The course is taught both face-to-face and online, and also includes a hybrid version using video-taped lectures from a face-to-face course to supplement the experience of online learners. The course is designed to be a comprehensive look at the discipline of FCS, with a fun twist. The course utilizes pop-culture apps (Wordle, infographics), videos, and guest experts to introduce FCS to new students enrolled in the discipline. Attached is a graphic of word cloud created from the individual word clouds submitted in FCS 2500 online. FCS 3500, Professional Focus of FCS, will be offered for the first time during the Spring 2015 semester.

Merchandising and Apparel Design Association (MADA)

The Merchandising and Apparel Design Association (MADA) is a fashion organization that inspires creativity, provides education about the always changing fashion industry, and encourages student leadership. MADA is open to all majors and concentrations. If you have a passion for fashion and its industry, we want you! At Eastern, ” We are the Fashion Authority.” Contact Brittany William ( for more information.